How to get amazing confetti photos on your wedding day

I’m a massive fan of couples creating an unconventional wedding day that’s right for them. There is one wedding ritual I love though, and that’s confetti! It’s one of my favourite parts of the wedding day and I know loads of my couples love it too! Why wouldn’t you want to drown in petals?

Over the years I’ve realised that the very best confetti photographs don’t just happen. This is one of the few points in the day where I’ll step in and take charge in order to get you the perfect shot. There’s also a few things you can do before the wedding to make sure you get that WOW shot. Here’s some advice, and some of my all time favourite confetti moments!


Buy your own confetti

When I first started out in the wedding world it was pretty much guaranteed that 50% of your guests would bring their own confetti, even if it was the nasty stuff from the pound shops. Nowadays, you’re very lucky if three people bring some! The key thing here is to buy MOUNTAINS of the stuff, if we’re going to do it then lets do it properly! You can buy all types, sizes and colours of confetti so a quick Ebay or Google search will bring up suppliers local to you. Shopshire Petals spring to mind! You can even make your own if you can’t find any to fit in with your theme.

From a photography point of view I’ve found that dried petals or bright coloured paper tends to work best. You can get them in all kinds of colours plus they are biodegradable and eco-friendly which is always good! A good rule of thumb is that 1 litre of confetti will fill about 10 standard confetti cones/bags, but chucking it all in a basket will save the faff!

amazing confetti photos at Yorkshire wedding venue

Speak to your venue

Have a think about where you would like your confetti photos to take place. Churches (especially!) and venues tend to have guidelines in place about what kind of confetti can be thrown, and whereabouts your guests can throw it. Some venues even have an additional cleaning fee. It’s always worth having a chat to your wedding co-ordinator just to make sure you’re aware of any rules and regulations that they may have. It’s also a good idea to have a brief chat with me about too, as I can advise on the best spots!


Let me take charge

As I’ve said, this is one of the moments in the day where I’ll stop being a documentary ninja and start organising people. This is simply to make sure that we get everyone together as quickly and easily as possible and get you your super fun confetti photo! Whilst I’m organising everyone it’s a good time for your wedding party to start handing out the confetti to people. I’ll encourage everyone to tip the confetti into their hands or take a huge handful and I’ll also get them to give you a big cheer as they throw.

I tend to have two ‘go to’ options for confetti photos, depending on your venue and on the number of guests taking part. One of the best, and most enjoyable for you, is to arrange your guests in two lines (another aisle for you to walk down!) and throw confetti as you both walk through them. This means that everyone gets chance to throw and, from my point of view, gives a lot more opportunities for shots.

If you’re having a smaller wedding, or you’re a bit pushed for space at your venue, then we can do a more classic confetti photo where you two stand still and I’ll arrange your guests around you and they all throw at the same time. This can look great as loads of confetti flutters down onto you both and is the better option for fuller images!

amazing confetti photo tunnel at Yorkshire wedding barn

Most importantly…enjoy yourselves!

Walk through your guests nice and slowly with big smiles on your faces – this is your moment, make the most of it! I would even encourage screaming or flailing your arms around! Haha Also, make sure your hands are free of drinks or bags.. you don’t wanna be eating the stuff!

So that’s it, my advice for getting amazing confetti photos from your wedding! 🙂

colourful paper wedding confetti photo at Yorkshire Barn
Wedding portraits at the Sun Pavilion in Harrogate
Couples portraits at Curradine Barn wedding venue

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