How to choose your perfect wedding photographer

The wedding planning process can feel like a minefield! When do you need to book things? How do you know that x, y and z are the best suppliers to work with? How do you actually choose your perfect wedding photographer? The list of questions you have will feel endless. Picking your wedding photographer is a huge decision too. There are so many of us out there with different styles and personalities so it can be tricky to narrow down your search and find the best wedding photographer for you. Go grab a cuppa and relax – these are some of my top tips to help you find the perfect wedding photographer for you!


It’s all about style!

There are so many different photography styles out there – from moody and atmospheric to beautifully light and artistic (normally known as fine art photography) and everything in between. If you aren’t sure which you prefer then make sure you look at a load of different images and see which ones you are drawn to and which make you happy when you look at them. It’s also important to have a think about how much input you want your photographer to have on the day. Are you looking for someone to capture the day as it happens while you enjoy yourself? Or do you want something more traditional with a lot more family formals and guest photographs and artistic, posed photographs of the two of you? A lot of photographers will offer a mixture of the two of these. For example, I spend 90% of the day letting your enjoy yourselves while I document all the fun and the little moments. I then allocate time couple portraits – which are still really relaxed and fun and more time for any group photos if you want them.


Hunting for your wedding photographer

Once you’ve got an idea of the style of photography that you want it’s time to seek out wedding photographers! The internet is a big help here! It’s always worth spending time on wedding blogs (some of my personal favourites are Festival Brides, Boho Weddings and Whimsical Wonderland Weddings) and seeing which photographs catch your eye. Ask friends and family if they’ve been to any weddings recently and what they thought of the photographer. Check out some local wedding fairs or ask if your venue has a recommended supplier list – it’s likely that suppliers will have worked at the venue before and already have a good relationship built. It’s also a good idea to google your wedding venue and see which photographers pop up or use the internet to search for photographers in your local area. Instagram is worth a shot too as it’s so visual!


What’s your budget?

The dreaded B word! It’s a fact of life that we all have wedding budgets and know what we can and can’t afford. I would highly recommend not scrimping on the photography portion of your wedding budget though. These photos will be the ones you’ll look back on in 50 years time! You’ll be able to find a photographer to suit any budget almost everywhere you look. Prices range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand, but unless you get really lucky you probably won’t get the best value for money by spending less than £1000 on your wedding photographer. For a professional, experienced full time wedding photographer I would recommend spending no less than £1200. As with everything, you get what you pay for!


Narrowing down your favourites

Now you’ve got your list of photographers, start looking into them a bit more. Read their testimonials, check out their galleries and wedding blogs. Can you imagine yourself in their images? Do they look like they’ve had plenty of experience? Weddings certainly keep you on your toes as a photographer and the more experience someone has the better equipped they’ll be to deal with anything that happens. Whoever you choose (pick me, pick me!) make sure they have backup equipment, insurance and know how to deal with an emergency should anything go wrong!


Meeting with your wedding photographer

You’ve now come to your final shortlist of amazing wedding photographers. To make the final decision I’d highly recommend meeting up with them. Whether that’s in person or over the phone/Skype you’ll be able to get a real feel for their personality. Is this someone you want to spend time with on your wedding day? Can you see yourself having a laugh and a joke with them? Do you feel comfortable with them and like they care about your plans and your day? If you can answer yes to all the above then you’ve found your perfect wedding photographer! Get them booked in as soon as you have your date and venue sorted 😀

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