How to make the most of your couple portraits

Although my style of photography is very relaxed and natural I love taking time out to capture some creative portraits of the two of you. I promise that I won’t make you do anything cheesy or cringe worthy though. It’s all about the laughter, with just a touch of romance!

From chatting to my couples I know that the prospect of having your portraits taken is pretty nerve wracking. So many people tell me they’re really awkward, or that they’re not photogenic and that they’re nervous about being in front of my camera. I don’t want you to feel like that, especially on your wedding day, so these are my top 5 tips to help you make the most of your portraits.


1. Book a pre-wedding shoot

So, this one happens before your wedding day but I promise that you’ll really feel the benefits of it. Being in front of a camera can feel really daunting. Being in front of a camera and getting all romantic with your other half is just downright frightening! I completely understand all that, which is why an engagement shoot is so helpful. We can go to somewhere special to you both, maybe where you got engaged or had your first date. We can head somewhere really unique such as Yorkshire Sculpture Park or get out into the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Then we spend some time getting some lovely photos of you both and I get to show you that being together in front of the camera isn’t scary! We can work out which poses you enjoy, what makes you laugh and you get to see at firsthand how I will work on your wedding day. 

As a added bonus it also gives us chance to sit down together before the wedding and chat about all your plans. I love talking weddings!

2. Relax!

This is key, and is another reason why the engagement shoot can be so helpful. For the majority of your couple’s portraits I’ll ask you to just ignore me and focus on each other. Have a little chat about the day, about how you’re both feeling. Reassure each other if you’re feeling a bit nervous about the portraits. In fact, make sure you tell me if you’re feeling nervous about portraits and I can have a chat with you about it all and put your mind at ease. The best portraits have lots of cuddles and kisses and you two giggling together. All that happens when you relax and enjoy that time away from everyone else. Which brings me on to my next tip…

3. Just the two of you…plus me!

On your wedding day you’ll be surrounded by your family and friends. This is great! You love them enough to have invited them to spend today with you so make sure you chat to everyone. There’ll be a point though where you realise you’ve not seen your new spouse for a while, because they’re off chatting to everyone too! That’s where portrait time really becomes a bonus. The two of you can slip off together (with me…but you can mostly ignore me) and actually spend a bit of time with each other.

By leaving your guests behind and making the most of your time together you’ll be able to really relax (back to tip 2!) and we can get some lovely portraits!

4. Make time for portraits

When you’re putting together your wedding timeline remember to make time for your portraits. This is a point in the day where you don’t want to feel rushed or worried about what happens next, this is where you two just get to enjoy your time together and let me get the photos that you’ll treasure forever.

I would always recommend that we plan your portrait session into the reception, so between your ceremony and sitting down for your meal. At this point in the day your guests will be enjoying their canapes, catching up with each other and enjoying the day. That means that you two can slip away and have some time together. Plan to be away from everyone for at least 20 minutes (longer than that is absolutely fine!). In the summer months we can always slip away again after speeches when the light is beautiful. That gives you one last breather before you hit the dancefloor! In the winter, having a “first look” before your ceremony can be a great idea if we’re pushed for light.

5. Trust me

My final, but possibly my most important tip. Trust me and indulge my crazy requests. Although I’ll ask you to ignore the camera for the shoot I will be there prompting you every now and then. This is just to get the best and most flattering poses or to help you relax in front of the camera. I might ask you to tickle each other, or you’ll get to hear one of my rubbish jokes (they’re really bad!) If you see me hiding in a bush or lying on the ground just trust me. This is totally normal!

So there you have it, my top tips for getting the very best photographs of the two of you on your wedding day!

Wedding portraits at the Sun Pavilion in Harrogate
Couples portraits at Curradine Barn wedding venue

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